The Rat Appreciation Society strive for one purpose: retribution!

A portrayal of Christoph Ratticus, a great warrior and hero amongst rat folk law.


About Us

We are teenagers who are imbued with the ardour for nature's finest creation; our little rodent friends: rats. Rats, historically, have been accustomed to the incessant stigmatization from a reproachful society, is this right? We don't think our companions should be labelled as 'feral' 'parasite' or 'vermin'. We wage war every day against the public's perception by demonstrating and rioting in the relentless hope we can cleanse this diseased view. In our hierarchy we have Lord Rat - emperor of everything rodent. Leader of our army, Admiral Von Ratpit, makes sure our rats are equipped for what we are sure will be the bloodiest rat war we have ever seen. As a young man, Ratpit fought in many a battle, includng the Great Rodent War of Washington, in which he lost a finger, causing him to retire as a soldier. Little she may be, our rat Excretion Leader examines the faecal matter of our rats since it is widely thought that it prophecies what our rats are feeling. Vital in the efficiency of the working rat industry, our very own Director of the Rat Mating Programme ensures that we have enough rats to function efficiently (disregarding any infertile rats). Sir Ratsalot is an exemplary member of the rat army who has dedicated himself to the battle we face in the Rat War; his tale has not been forgotten. So please, if you could just donate £3 a month we could really make a difference.








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The Rat Appreciation Society, through lack of donations, has caught hella toxoplasmosis - a disease wiping out our cause.

 Made 29th December 2012 by The Rat Appreciation Society


Please, refer to our book - it will tell you everything.


"Hating people is like burning down your own house to get rid of a rat." -- Harry Emerson Fosdick

"Fate is not an eagle, it creeps like a rat.." -- Elizabeth Bowen


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